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[Archived] NAT type on xbox

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As I mentioned on the PS3 v XBOX thread I am having problems with connecting 2 Xboxs to one router, they both get on xbox live easy enough but the nat type is strict and I need it to be open.

I can connect one xbox to xbox live and get an open nat but when I connect the other one my connection becomes strict or it knocks me off live, I have set the IPs manually and used the DMZ option in my router settings to allow one to bypass the nat settings but for some reason the xboxes change the ip address to whichever xbox connects first, so now I have scrapped all settings and just gone back to automatic settings.

I was just wondering if anyone has had these problems and sorted it or if anybody knows of a router that works with Virgin broadband that allows 2 xboxes to connect to live with open settings, my mate has BT broadband and does'nt have this problem but I dont really want to change.

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Virgin might not be able to handle multiple connections, especially 2 xboxes running through the same router. I would think, that if your mate has had no problems, then perhaps look at how he has connected it, and which settings he is using. Try and follow his setup, and see what happens. It could just be Virgin Broadband either not be able to handle it, or they have set some restrictions. Another idea, is try getting another router, and see what happens, perhaps your current router is not made for such a setup. Again, ask your mate for his router to test. As i dont own an xbox or ps3, im not that familiar with these things, but good luck, hope it gets sorted.


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I tried a lot of things Iceman but to no avail, my broadband is fine its just the combination with my router that causes the problem, my mate has a different broadband and his router and modem are built into one.

The only way of fixing it is to buy a specific router that will allow this but I am not buying a router just for Xbox when my PS3 works fine, ill give my Xbox to my son it will be an upgrade to the one he has and stick with the PS3.

Thanks for help anyway :)

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