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[Archived] Paul Ince

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You sure that's his level? It didn't work so well for him the second time at MK Dons. I noticed on Sky Sports News his win record in League 1 is 37% and he has lost more games (20) than he has won (17).

Incredible that a run of the mill Lower League Manager could have had a shot with us in hindsight.

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Obscene decision to replace a decent guy like Short with Ince.

Utterly agree. Short came across as a top bloke and model pro when I met him, whereas Ince is the complete reverse.

Can't see him doing well at all there, and from what I gather lots of lower league clubs are rather bitter about the whole County promotion on money they didn't have last season, so I doubt we'll be alone in enjoying Ince mess up.

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If those new PC rules about managerial job interviews come about, perhaps he can become a professional 'token' by letting the club put him on their shortlist to get their ethnic minority candidate for a sly appearence fee.

It'll be either that or manage a team at the level of Dorchester Town.

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Taylor said Ince should have been fully qualified when he took the Blackburn post, but added: "I spoke to Richard Scudamore [the chief executive of the FA Premier League] and said 'we've got to give him a chance, we have promised that we'll fast-track him and get him qualified'. 'I said 'we don't want to make a scene about it but we would do if we needed to'.

But he said, 'Gordon, I agree, we will do all we can'."

Ha! Gordon Taylor and Richard Scudamore 'fast tracking' Paul Ince just cos he's black is inheritantly racist so thank goodness that he threw their help right back in their faces. Serves em right.

I said many times that there was more chance of Glenn Miller landing in France that Ince passing his coaching exams and got roundly criticised on here for my trouble. :lol:

Stupid bstards..... A manager is a manager and his skin colour doesn't matter a bean. :wstu:

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