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[Archived] A Royal Wedding

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However they do not come onto an internet site whinging that something that benefits the whole country is inconvenient for them.

TBH honest Al I'm a bit weary of this, sadly you seem quite serious about the point. I am not whinging, it's something we live with every year. This is a discuusion about the Royal Wedding and I have a view on it. My original point was I think the timing is bad. I stand by that point. June would have been better as I believe Easter will have a Christmas shutdown effect on the whole country. That is all. It is not a question of not wanting the country to benefit. If one wanted to make the decision on purely commercial grounds, the 29th does not stack up.

As I've already said I have no problem with the wedding, I think it will be good for morale and trade. I have no interest in it myself and if I'm not working will go out for the day as I suspect a lot of other people will.

BTW all the retailers I know are looking a how to exploit the wedding. They aren't talking about a day of national celebration, retailers are just looking at a sales opportunity.

Not that I want to al but our place have red flagged all leave for those days..

ABBEY both the transport companies we use have done the same. No leave in the period April 11th till May 6th except weekends and possibly Easter Monday.

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Obviously BT is a 365 days a year business and cannot close down but I fear that other companies who force their staff to work that week will find that they won't do much business. It's not easy to conduct a business when the rest of Britain is on holiday.

Yes it will have a Christmas shutdown effect and that is brilliant for the country's workers to have a rest at the end of a hard winter. In fact it would be good to introduce such a holiday every year. Businesses would very quickly adjust to it and learn to work around it and it would be a great fillip for all the workers at a time when they need cheering up.

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Well if it buggers up the bedding plant business, then they'll lay workers off, and they can have an even longer rest on the dole, how about that?

Bloody hell Bryan, Hadn't thought of that. That would really rock the economy. Let's just cancel Easter eh! :D

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