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[Archived] 80GB or 120GB Slim

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i know the slim has a bigger hard drive, and its lighter. however i have the choice of an 80GB or the 120GB slim. what i need to know, is what are the advantages and disadvantages of both besides the hard drive.

both has blu ray, but the slim as i understand it, is 3D ready. so i would like to hear both benefits of an 80GB and a 120GB, and what i should go for. i could get the 80GB for around 100 pounds and the 120GB for around 150 pounds.



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Is the 80g one not a slim ? if it's not stay away from that and get yourself a slim one, the fat ones had a lot more problems than the slim ones not too mention the slim one will be newer so it will probably have had less hammer.

The fat ones were more prone to overheating and the slim ones are a lot less noisy.

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