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[Archived] Samba Away?

The Prof.

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That is why keano should NOT be a manager and could it be that keano is trying to make him self look good at the expense of our players/club(speculation but this is how it seems). And also to push out any none kentro owned players so they can get kentro owned players in since kentro seem to own the club.

Will be a shame to see samba leave but the bad thing is if the situation stays as it is he will not be the last person at the club to leave(this includes anyone behind the scenes)

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Samba is the only person to blame in this whole thing! Kean has merely pointed out and clarified that Samba has stamped his feet and said he wanted out because of Sam being sacked but Kean has pointed out that this is b*llocks! Kean has the uneviable task of pulling a disheartened team together Samba is pulling in the opposite direction.

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"His agent's been telling me he's been asking to leave the club for a year - that's been news to me," Kean admitted.

Of course, we're suspposed to believe that our captain made these public statements in an attempt to help the club. My arse.

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The media is absolutely ridiculous. Samba came out and said he wants to leave "if that's how the club is being run". He's voiced his displeasure at what's going on, not that he's leaving for sure. He hasn't put in a transfer request and this has been confirmed by JW and Kean. The whole transfer request story was filtered around as a RUMOUR. This story about him "wanting out for 12 months" is ridiculous as well. I'm sorry, but you get a new contract 15 months ago and are then made captain and you want out a couple of weeks later? It's absolute rubbish. My guess: he was unsettled after our poor run of form in December, but as things improved he changed his mind. There were rumours of a dressing room bust up back then as well.

Some media outlets are even going so far as to state that Chris Samba HAS quit (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/premier-league/8220845/Football-news-transfers-gossip-December-22.html)

Kean has as much motivation to pretend Samba wants out to sell him and make money for Venky's, as Samba has to use Sam's sacking as an excuse to leave.

Stop the bullshit Kean, get your star player and team captain under control and get on with your job. Same thing goes for you Samba, give things a chance and get on with it, so you don't end up stagnating your career like some others that have left us recently. Stop the bullshit for (Please don't use that word again)'s sake and get the club back to sanity. Past 2 weeks have been nothing more than a media circus fuelled by incompetent statements from Venky's. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had enough.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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