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[Archived] New Assistant manager


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I bumped into Kevin Gallacher a few weeks ago. He told me that even though he loves his media work he'd love the oppertunity to either coach or manage.

He's done all his badges and just wants somebody to give him that chance.

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Rob Kelly and Ray Lewington could be a decent shout, both excellent coaches but Keans saying the appointment would 'excite' Rovers fans would not follow with those two.

Steve Clarke is after the Burnley job so he is ruled out and I cant see Coleman dropping to number two with a manager who worked under him!!

Someone mentioned Faz, but isnt he with Sven at Leicester?

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Clark would be a good one, but he must surely be looking to get a job of his own by now? Especially when he would be working under a manager with less big level experience than him.

If Wilkins was as important to the Chelsea dressing room as it now looks like he was then he could be a good shout as well.

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Watched the interview.

Kean said they (the backroom team) have been stretched recently in relation to coaching duties. He wants to announce the name himself on Monday as people will sit up and take notice because he is a good candidate for the job - it is an excellent addition to the coaching staff. was his words

Does that mean Rovers fans will sit up and take notice or does that mean everyone in England?

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Did anyone spot 'a candidate' in the Director's Box ?

Rumours were that Clarke was at the match but I didn't see him.

He would be a good number 2 to steve Kean. Are we getting a first team coach called Steve aswell. the 2 steve's together. :lol:

Where has that rumour come from???

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