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[Archived] John Jensen Appointed Assistant Manager

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Is it that crazy? 2 performances which we didn't deserve any points, and 2 we did. Sounds about right to me. Plus the "its been going well" quote could easily have been taken out of context. Namely being in response to how he had settled in.

My own opinion is i'd rather have had a more experienced man as No.2. And as John said earlier, Jensen would be well advised to stay focused on the job in hand rather than discuss contracts. But i guess in the current climate its understandable that people criticise topics like this.

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I never thought a member of the coaching staff could eclipse the ineffectiveness of Nigel Winterburn....I was wrong.

EDIT: It is like having Nig back, Jensen was just on Talksport and only spoke aboout how Arsenal did last night, Rovers weren't mentioned once.

I've just heard this.I think the plan was he was going to talk about Rovers but he was so dull they cut him short.How uninspiring he sounded imagine that on the training ground and in the dressing room.

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