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Robbo? They were clutching at straws, as for him leaving his wife, wiki begs to differ -

Whilst playing for Leeds he moved to a big house in the famous village of Stamford Bridge. He is married to Rebecca, his childhood sweetheart. The couple currently live in York with their daughter Lucy May and son, Jack,

I wouldn't argue with the rest in the team though

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He's an easy target. It's partly his own fault (for doing silly stuff) but the press do seem to follow him around just to catch him out. I'll bet he isn't the only one who regularly gets parking tickets but he's probably the only one for whom every single one gets reported...

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It's completely stupid. It would be best for Britain if he spent all of his wage on parking tickets.

It benefits the local council, yet the papers tell us we should hate him for it.

Gordon Ramsay used to get one every day, I don't recall it being a bad thing.

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Blackburn striker El Hadji Diouf says he has no desire to move away from the club and new manager Steve Kean has told him to ignore specultion he could be sold. (News of the World, subscription required)

Subscription required to read the News of the taps??? :lol:

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