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[Archived] Jermaine Jones

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Ah very interesting. From reading the quotes I thought Jones sounded underwhelmed about being here. However, I assumed he was half American and therefore spoke fluent English, but having watched the video it now makes sense.

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I think that the Savage comparisons aren't bad, but they don't do Jones justice. He's a far more complete player than Sav ever was, in that he is far more an attacking threat.

For me, its great because its another compatriot in the kit for which to root; I've been missing that since Big Brad left.

Funny how we finally get another yank and he's one that doesn't speak english well and has barely lived in the states. if he stays in Lancashire anywhere near the time Brad stayed he'll have a wicked German-Lancashire accent with a bit of the american south in there.

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Will be interesting to see if Jones plays in the behind close doors game with Huddersfield today. Would be good to give RSC a bit of match time, and perhaps N'Zonzi.

The Huddersfield who lost 4-0 at Carlisle in the Johnston Paints semi-final last night?

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Yes Phil that's the one, also the team that beat Big fat Sams rovers team in a pre season friendly :P

Regardless of their quality or lack of it it's good to get the new guys on the pitch with a couple of their new team mates.

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