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[Archived] Eddie Howe at the Dingles

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Quite brilliantly patronising, at least some of our Dingle cousins are so consumed with hubris they seem to feel they have the right to patronise their new manager.

It's also hilarious to read their responses to the article- http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=104&fid=297&sty=2&act=1&mid=2118762649

I must've missed it when Burnley became a 'big club'....

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Gone down in my estimation - not necessarily for taking over at our 'friends' down the road but for the way he appears to have addressed this.

Not sure if tactical or just for the media -but on Friday he was definitely not moving (Radio Lancs i/view so the Bunleh interest must have been there already) - words from his own mouth saying he had had offers and they had thought long and hard and it would have had too many implications on his family, the other staff/team etc etc so just wanted to move on and concentrate on the Cherries

Then all of a sudden he's down the road.

Now we know it happens so not naive to think it doesn't but again its not right.

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And you've got to love Brendan Floods comments (and indeed the local journo's whole piece) in the Lancashire Telegraphy today...


“He’s a different personality to Owen. He clearly doesn’t get wooed easy.

“He turned down four clubs, as you know, and wasn’t in any respect in awe of Burnley Football Club when we made contact with him, but fully respectful of us.

“So I think he’s got a lot of humility, he’s very intelligent about the game and very independent minded. You could feel the determination.

Yeah of course, a manager who hawks himself round 4 clubs turns 3 down, then announces he's staying where he is, only to move 2 days later, wow he's not easily wooed and really loyal. Managers, players they leave clubs for bigger and better challenges, sometimes they make the wrong move sometimes not. Its a part of football. Why do Burnley insist on making out they're any different from the rest?

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