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[Archived] Blackpool

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If ever they decided to make another movie along the lines on 'The Damned United' they could quite easily make it about Blackpool....& it`d be a thoroughly enjoyable film! :tu:

The storyline....

No hoper backwater football club employ maverick lower league manager who shoots from the lip & takes no prisoners!

Assembles ramshackle team of likewise no-hopers & dollopers.

Creates GREAT team spirit & starts rollercoaster ride of a season resulting in shock play-off final appearance! :o

Against all the odds, they win their biggest game in forty-odd years & get back into the big time.

Manager starts to upset the BIG BOYS of the league both on & off the pitch.

Manager then upsets the league bosses with his teams/outbursts/exploits.

Manager threatens to quit (probably several times) knowing it won`t be accepted

Manager starts to believe his own spin.

.....but one day, the managers notoriously difficult & tight chairman foolishly accepts one of the managers ill-thought-out offers of resignation & like a pack of cards everything starts to collapse in glorious view of all the people who`ve they`ve upset along the way.....resulting in manager losing everything.....job/credibility/family/friends.

The movie ends with sad scenes of lonely remorseful manager. His phone rings. He answers. It`s another under pressure chairman of lowly backwater has-been club offering him a life-line. "Come & manage my club" he says.

He`s back in the game!!!!! YES!!! :tu:

well, i`d go & watch it anyway...... :unsure:

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