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[Archived] iPhone, iPod or iPad Jailbreaking

Guest Walshy

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I have had an iPhone since its launch in 2007. Over the past few years I have gained lots of knowledge about jailbreaking iDevices. When you iDevice has been jailbroken it enables the user to fully customize it and also install 3rd party apps that the AppStore do not approve of. Another perk to jailbreaking is that you can install paid apps for free as well as having custom SMS tones for individual contacts so you know who has text you even before you have got your phone out of your pocket. If any of you want your iDevice jailbreaking then PM me and we will sort something out.

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Another perk to jailbreaking is that you can install paid apps for free as well

This makes me angry. I'm a long term advocate of the idea that if I pay a device it's up to me what I can run on it, so I thoroughly encourage jailbraking/unlocking/chipping/drm-removal, however going all the way back to the days that I'd chip PS1s so I play imports and develop homebrew software, the argument hardware manufacturers always gave for not unlocking their hardware by default is "but it we do that, people will take advantage and just use it to use pirated software" .... and do you know what, they are right.

People think of developers as Bill Gates types with more cash than they can count, but the truth is app developers earn a living wage like the vast majority of people, so this air of acceptability people have these days about stealing their work always offends me.

Yes, unlock your iPhone (or buy and Andriod from a company that doesn't lock it down in the first place), but please don't install paid apps for free. All you'll do is kill off bedroom coders and the only apps you'll get will be from very big companies.

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very interesting that Glenn, because I never knew you could use apps that you needed to pay for, and use it for free.

as I understand it, any app where you need to pay for it, you will be able install it, but unless you have paid for it, you won't be able to use it.

does jailbreaking an iPhone, over ride this, and allows one to bypass any payment issues? I'm a Blackberry user, so clueless about jailbreaking.

just seems, like its a developers nightmare, knowing that they are not getting money for their work.

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