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[Archived] XBox - Upgraded to 360s - help?

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Hi Guys

Hoping someone can give me a bit of help here.

My Xbox 360(Arcade) console more or less packed up so I took the plunge and picked up a new Xbox 360s (250gb).

Edit: They are on offer in Tesco at the moment at £160 quid - good deal

What I want to do is transfer my saved games (and gamer profile) accross to my new machine but I was more than a little bemused to find that there is no memory slot on the 360s so I can't use my memory card to copy them. Also, you cant remove the 250gb HD either I don't think so swapping the hard drives is out as well.

I've heard that MS do a free "transfer kit" but I can't find one.

Any advice?

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I had almost the same problem last week, you need to get an xbox transfer cable :(

if u shop around you can get one for £10

LOL FFS is there no end to Microsoft charging you extra to do the bleedin' obvious???? I guess I can ebay my wireless adapter now the 360s has got an inbuilt one that will balance the cost out.

Cheers for you help.

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Kamy Here.

I have one of these Xbox Transfer Cable's. If you want to borrow it PM me your address and I can send it to you.

I hate lining M$ pockets for stuff that should be free.

Thanks Kamy that's a really generous offer. I'm going to try and do it with a flash drive tonight to see if it works that way - MS say you can do it but says some might not work because they will fail the Xbox "integrity check" (more BS lol). I'll drop you a PM if it doesn't work and I'll take you up on your offer.



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