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[Archived] Fantasy Baseball

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Starting up a new fantasy baseball league for the new season and wanted to see if anyone might be interested in joining...

It's going to be a points league (so your players will lose or gain points for almost everything that can be counted (possibly including defensive stats)).

It will be a dynasty league where you have to assign contracts to players, so you would, for example, have 5 3 year contracts to hand out, 5 2 year and the rest would be on one year deals. You would be able to hand out 3/4 one year extensions at the end of each season, but you could only extend a players contract once. This will mean that every player will have to go back into 'free agency' at some point and it also adds another aspect to trading and looking for value.

It should be really good, so if you are interested in joining just send me a PM or reply in here. The league should be created sometime this week.

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