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[Archived] Who's the worst ever Premier League Player

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Guest linganzi

Clarke carlisle is abysmal. The thinking man's footballer image he portrays is dismal.

Our Keith is pretty poor but he,isn't a prem player and he know it

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  • Backroom

There has most likely been far worse than Andrews but you don't notice when they play for other clubs unless they make high profile errors like Taibi.

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If we're all honest, Keith Andrews has probably overachieved in the latter part of his career. Signed from a League 1 side. He had a decent opening season for the club, cemented his place in the Rep of Ireland side and has been picked on a regular basis by every manager he's played under side MK Dons. Obviously he isn't Premier League class but he's probably done a lot better than some of the other flops we've signed over the years such as Grabbi, Davies, Dahlin, Basturk, Baggio, Marcolin.....the list goes on!

If anything, Kalinic has more to prove than Andrews has for Blackburn. I think he probably will prove to be decent but to call Andrews the worst Premiership player ever just makes some people look a bit silly.

Ali Dia was probably the worst I have ever seen. He made one appearance for Southampton, claiming he was highly recommended by George Weah, came on for Saints legend Matt Le Tissier and was subbed pretty soon after because it was so obvious that he wasn't any better than Fatty Frank from the Red Lion pub team.

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Omar Konde

that's a good shout! however i can't remember him making a premier league appearance for rovers. i stand to be corrected. i seem to think he was a 'subsituted sub' at newcastle away in the fa cup in about 97-98.

Rovers have signed some dross over the years, in particular some dodgy Scandanivians, including Niklas Gudmonnsun, Tore Perdersen, Anders Andersen and worst of all the striker Per Pedersen who we signed for £2.5m in the late 90s. he was awful!

Andrews' mistake yesterday was inexcusable, and it's best for all concerned if he never plays for us again. However, I think it's a little harsh for him to be classed as the worst ever premiership player. He scored 3 crucial goals 2 years ago that went some way to keeping us up.

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Patrick Valery was as bad as I've seen. First time I'd ever seen a professional footballer who couldn't actually jump off the ground. When I saw him play it made me start wondering about Roy Boy's competence.

weren't we top of the league with him a regular in the team

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