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[Archived] Death of Bryan Douglas' wife

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That's really really sad news. Another link to the old Blackburn Rovers severed. When you think about modern day WAGS, you realise how time's have changed. I never met Joyce or Valerie, Ronnie's wife, but what support they've given their husbands over the years. The term "legend" is bandied around so much these days but Bryan and Ronnie ARE Blackburn Rovers legends.

Footballers today can earn more in one week than Bryan & Ronnie earned in several seasons. I remember Bryan working on his stall on Clitheroe market in the early 60s. Imagine that today. Footballers and their wives were people just like us, not like today's pampered mercenaries. Ronnie & Bryan, Joyce & Valerie embody everything that's great about Blackburn Rovers.

My thoughts are with Bryan and his family today.

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Very sad. Bryan will be devastated.

His old buddies are rallying round and getting him down to the local but poor Bryan does look desolate. I hear Ronnies widow Val has been a pillar of strength.

Sincere condolences to my No 1 childhood hero.

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To lose someome from cancer can be a long and painful experience.

The only consolation is that the suffering comes to an end.

Our thoughts are with the Douglas family.

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