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[Archived] Sharing files over XP

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I thought this would be fairly simple but I've spent most of the weekend trying to get it sorted with no joy.

I have a laptop and a netbook. i'd like to access files off the laptop on my netbook as it doesn't have much space.

I just can't get it to work at all. I have XP pro on the laptop and XP home on the netbook.

I've set up the folder I want to share but i can't get to it from the netbbok. I've even mapped the drive to y: but still no joy.

I'm pretty sure I've done everything right on the laptop but I can' seem to set the netbook up to access the file.

Any ideas guys??

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When I had that problem it was the firewall blocking access. You'll need to go into the firewall settings on both computers and allow access to the IP address of the other computer. I can't really give more precise instructions without knowing your firewall.

I ended up installing Comodo Firewall since it is a lot more intelligent for home networking, most firewalls just block out any access to other computers on a network by default.

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