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Published: Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Back The Team

by Kamy

Saturday's game against Blackpool is a huge occasion for Blackburn Rovers Football Club. In many ways it can be described as a "season defining" game: a win and Rovers will put themselves in a favourable position to retain their Premier League status; a loss or even a draw, however, could see the club slide into the relegation zone. Over the last few weeks it has started to become clear that relegation this time could mean the club falling into real financial trouble and facing a fight for its very existence. With that in mind, we the fans have a massive part to play on Saturday.

Since the departure of Sam Allardyce, the on-the-field fortunes of the team have not been good and, with the off-the-field turmoil continuing with the departure of John Williams, fans have rightly been asking: "What the hell is going on?". Rovers have gone from a stable club to one that is now fighting for its survival.

Rightly a large proportion of fans are angry about what has happened at Rovers, but surely Saturday is not the time to vent that anger. Saturday is about putting aside negative feelings that people have about Venky's, Kean, SEM and so on. Saturday is about getting behind the team and roaring them to victory. Make no mistake: we can be the proverbial "twelfth" man. A negative atmosphere will only serve to encourage the Blackpool players and have a negative impact on our players.

BRFCS understand that since the defeat at Fulham the players have been working extremely hard on the training ground, with the atmosphere being described as serious and focussed. Preparations for the Blackpool game started early last week, which is much, much earlier than usual. There is collective recognition at Brockhall that the club is now embroiled in a real dogfight for survival. What has also become clear over the last week is that the players are totally behind Steve Kean. Hopefully the players are ready to step up to the plate.

Whatever happens in the rest of the season, one thing is for sure. While owners, managers and players will come and go, it is we the fans that remain the one constant. We are the ones who will be here regardless of how well or badly the club does. There is a time and place for people to air the grievances that they have concerning what is happening at the club, but that time and place is not on Saturday. The game against Blackpool could turn out to be one of the most important in our recent history and we the fans have to play our part. Get yourselves down to Ewood and get behind the lads!


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