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Guest Wen Y Hu

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Guest Wen Y Hu

As you will be aware, BRFCS has now moved over to a new site with a new News section (http://www.brfcs.co.uk/). Articles dating back to December 2009 have been transferred to the new site from this old News section of the messageboard and all new articles will appear there. The old News section will remain available for viewing for a short period of a few weeks until the transition to the new site is complete. After that, the section will be removed.

The process involved in transferring content over to the new site has meant that some aspects of layout have been adjusted to the structure of the new site, while each article has been categorised and tagged, with images added to some pages. In addition, I have tidied up the text in all posts. The intention has essentially been to avoid altering content but improve clarity for ease of reading and establish consistency. As mentioned above, the originals are available for a period, so please feel free to consult them.

The dates for the original publication of each article have been retained and, once a technical matter has been sorted out, the Update date/time will be added to the transferred articles to indicate that they have been amended for publication to the new site.

BRFCS Editor

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