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[Archived] MMA Tycoon

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I can't remember the rules on advertising other websites so aplogies if it's against the rules.

Anyway, been playing this MMA Managament game for a while now called MMA Tycoon. Basically a chance to manager some fighters, train them, get sponsorships and fight contracts etc and slowly improve over time. I think they refer to these games as MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) or something like that.

Anyway if you're into Mixed Martial Arts, fighting, or just love strategy or long term multi player games then this could well be for you. All of the companies, such as clothing stores, gyms, supplement stores, fight organisations are user run so you're always interacting with a real person instead of some computer.

I wouldn't normally take the time to advertise it but it really is an awesome game so I thought I'd share it for anyone that's interested, it can always do with a growing user base.

It's free to play but you're limited to only 4 fighters and cannot run your own company among a few other things. You can purchase VIP which is something like $9.99 (£7??) for 3 months if you want more fighters and to run your own company as well as getting some more benefits which for the main part simply make the game a little more user friendly rather than giving you an advantage.

The free option is unlimited though so you never need to pay if you don't want to, only if you actually get hooked on the game like I did!

Almost forgot, here's a link to the site, including my affiliate :) (Okay so I guess there's a tiny bit in it for me) MMA Tycoon Happy to provide anyone interested a little leg up in the game in terms of funds and sponsorships etc

Here's one of my fighters, hopefully won't have to get rid of him soon ;) You might know him. Chris Samba

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