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Anybody else notice the irony that there are hundreds of rumours about players being at the club, or players having medicals on sites such as Twitter yet when one finally does no-one except Nicko has a sniff?

Top stuff Nicko (if you're correct) ;)

Moral of the story: Never trust Twitter.

Only trust Alan Nixon. :P

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Do you think Dortmund would let him leave for nothing?

I doubt it but I hope so!

I was backing up Icemans comment, thought he was in the know. If he's still contracted then it's not him of course.

Someone mention Soriano? That wouldn't suprise me at all.

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Free transfer therefore probably out of contract, foreign and never played in the Prem.

Start again with the guesses !

I hope he's out of contract. If a club is letting him go for nothing he's even more likely to be garbage.

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Ok, as 'vague' is the word of the day...

Here is a vague bit of news and a vague attempt to crash the site.

A player was at the club yesterday to discuss a transfer...

Leave it with you, got a story to write.

Can we play guess who?

Is he a striker?

Is he tall?

Is he european

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