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[Archived] Rovers Possible Next Manager

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So after reading that astonishing post from glenn9mullan on VF Linky and Venkys to sell thread and other reports, it seems that Kean has fallen out with the Raos at last and isnt bullet proof anymore, firstly who do you think will be the next Rovers manager? and secondly who would you like to see become the next rovers manager(with in reason)?

Probably going to get slated for this but I think Hughes would have to top the poll as the next manager and he is also the one I would most like to see return. Based on what glen said with Mrs D witholding transfer money until the next manager comes in, Hughes would jump at the chance to carry on the work that he started at Rovers albeit this time with the possibility of more money

Could it be Carlo Ancellotti? He would be a great manager to take over or am I in dreamland....?

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TBH I no longer care. Completely switched off by the whole subject now. Once we have a settled club and a plan I'll start to take an interest again.

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I stand by what I posted three months ago that Benitez was under pre-contract but that he walked away when he found out more about Venky's.

Well who would want to join a club that was in a hurricane like status, but if what is said to be true that Mrs D has took over the reins completely (as in her bro's get little or no say or anyone else for that matter) then the club could be alright and attract a manager of certain quality, then we will be ok. Anyone think King Kenny would come back? :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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