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[Archived] Desktop Pc

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So I'm returning to windows from Mac today, and will purchase the following pc

Packard Bell One Two 20 inch touch pc

20 inch monitor

500gb Ram

2.1ghz processor

4GB Ram

has anybody got a touch pc? the only reason I'm going for this, is that its in my budget. its being cleared at one of our pc stores, and I got them to drop the price to 250 pounds. it was retailing at around the 750 pound mark, but then reduced to 400 pounds and then I managed to get it further reduced.

I like the idea, especially when listening to music, that I don't have to use the keyboard and mouse, instead just touching the screen to navigate.

Is this a good buy, for the price that I'm paying?



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I suppose it depends on what you're going to be using it for - i.e. is it just for word-processing and playing a bit of music or are you looking to play high-end video games etc?

TBH for £250 you can't really go wrong having had a quick look at what's out there.

Have heard that Acer do a pretty good line in these, as do Hewlett Packard if you're looking for some comparison.

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not sure on the graphics card, but will i be able to play high end games on it? i normally just do Fifa.

it is just a very good price for the pc, so ive decided to go for it. Mainly be doing Office, Internet and emails, with a bit of music and movies

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hey the iceman had a look at the specs for you buddy the graphics card is on board but it is an radeon so will probably play some newer games but not so sure about fifa, might be a bit jerky but the best way to cure that is lower ur settings, over all looks a good machine with enough ram in there and a dual core should have enough punch for u to multitask comfortably. Hope this helps. :tu:

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As I thought the graphics are toward the very bottom of the scale and the processor is relatively slow and only a dual-core, which will put the top-end games out of reach but should be fine for FIFA I would have thought.

If you're mainly using it for music and movies, the amount of RAM (though timings and ratings aren't available) should be good for ensuring smooth running.

Personally I would say that it's sort of pitched somewhere between a laptop and a desktop PC and is probably trying to be a jack-of-all-trades rather than a master of one, but for £250 you can't really grumble!

cheers Bonerdude, any idea where i go to lower the settings? im not too clued up with tweaking etc, so please explain? :brfcsmilie:

When you install FIFA on the machine it will auto-configure itself to the optimal settings for running the game, but if you go into FIFA's options/settings menu there will probably be a load of drop-down sub-menus where you can reduce the quality settings to make the game run smoother.

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