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[Archived] BBC TV and Sky Sports have been awarded the live rights to Formula One between 2012 and 2018.

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And it also shows that the license fee doesn't go far enough. All those that bemoan it saying why should we have to pay it in this day and age will see more and more content going to heavily advertised and/or subscriptions channels.

Oh and good old sky not putting prices up this year. They only made £1bn profit in the last year.

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If you have Sky Sports 1 & 2 you get it. If you have HD you get it. If not then you have to pay extra, but since these 'races' are becoming more akin to high-speed processions I can't see anyone wanting to do that, regardless of how much Sky push it.

cheers :)

I've got all of sky, but even if I didn't I very much doubt I'd be paying extra to watch F1!

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Just saw the adverts for F1 on sky. Now I don't have HD, and have no intention, so do you reckon I'll still ge the channel but just in normal definition, or is it a HD thing only?

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere it's HD only, so if you've not got Sky HD (and a sub to SS1 and SS2) you're not watching F1!

EDIT: I was wrong, it's on Sky channel 459 ....

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