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Saw the trailers for Defiance at Christmas and again when I went to see Slumdog Millionaire. I immediately recognised the story but can't think of why or where I've read it. Does anyone know if there's been a book / article etc in recent years as this is not a widely known story.

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Taken, is that the one with Liam Neeson? I heard it was dire. Is it good?

Taken? Isn't that the Liam Neeson film generally viewed as one of the worst films of the last year? I read this review and decided against it. :)

Yeah thats the one. Not sure why they have said that. I know of 8 people who have seen it, all rate it as the best film for ages.

Think i might go see that 3d film this week when it comes out.

Also watched Will Smiths 7 pounds, its ok, nowhere near as good as his past films.

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Saw Slumdog Millionaire today - really well done, I thought the kid that played the brother as a young child was brilliant. You could really see what he was going to become.

Frost/Nixon - one of the, if not the, best movie of the year. Really well acted, really well paced. Only complaint would be that they had to make it one person winning, one person losing. Towards the end of Nixon's life, he wasn't necessarily loved, but he was respected a lot more than they made it sound.

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Watched the movie "Teeth" the other day and have to say if you like horror movies you will like this one.

A very feminist twist on the horror genre. I have not had a horror movie that has made my guts freeze like this for awhile, things that make you suck air through your teeth at times.

If you are male and have seen this you will know what I mean. :mellow:


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Didn't Bay direct Pearl Harbour? Nah, I don't go for his crash bang style, it can be all shallow.

He did. There is only so much artistic meaning you can pull out of 100 feet robots though :lol:

The first Transformers movie was good enough for some mindless entertainment.

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Well I seem to spending a lot of time in the cinema at the moment. Recently been to:

Defiance - enjoyed this but thought it was a bit formulaic. I knew the basic story and hoped to know a bit more after watching the film but didn't. Keeps you watching though which I always feel is a sign of a good film

Valkyrie - I didn't know this was based on a real assasination attempt on Hitler and had the feeling it was going to be a "what if" type film. Seems a bit like a good yarn to me though obviously must have been well researched and reasonably factual. Decent movie but you'll see many better

The Reader - FANTASTIC. Only went to see this because my good lady wanted to go. As it happens I'm away with work this week as we couldn't find anywhere local showing it last weekend I went on my own last night. Had no idea what the story line was other than Kate Winslett's character (which I'm not going to mention in case it spoils the film for others). This is a GOOD film, kept me gripped for the whole thing. I associated with the characters and felt myself pulled in opposite directions by the events and storyline, which I suppose is the whole point. I feel I need to see it again to understand the whole thing, i.e what is behind the story line. I have several ideas but not sure if I'm correct or not. If you see one film this year make it this one.

Last weekend we rented Sliding Doors. A film I'd never heard about. This is a "what if" film. The storyline is based around a young woman who loses her job and rushes home via the tube. As she reaches the tube platform the train doors shut in her face, then a second story line begins where she manages to board the same train. The film then goes on to chart how her life changes according to whether or not she caught the train and how major events in her life depended on catching or not catching that particular tube. An excellent film, very funny and very entertaining.

May go to see the Benjamin Button thing later this week

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I watched The Wrestler last week, now I'm a big wrestling fan so enjoyed certain bits and subtle nods more than most will but on the whole the film is brilliant.

Rourke has to win an Oscar he is superb in it, he did a perfect job as Randy the Ram.

Even if you don't like wrestling don't be put off it is more a character study than a wrestling film.

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