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[Archived] Jason Roberts will he keep playing?


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My understanding is that Goodwille may have not been fit enough to play a full 90.

But Kean is taking a huge risk keeping Roberts in the team, particularly as the main striker.

To give him 70 minutes when he didn't do anything in the first half, was silly.

Does anyone remember Roberts having a shot on target in the last three games? directing a header on target? creating space for himself for a shot?

Kean has to take A LOT of stick for not replacing Roberts and having better options.

9 points is probably worth 6 million in premeir league places.

Apparently we are going to sign a striker that will not be fit for 6 weeks.

None of us in May thought Roberts would be our top starting striker three games into the season and he's not even scored.

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Roberts is a prat, a slow, arrogant prat at that. At one point he miss controlled the ball from Olsson and berated him for a good five minutes, even getting in his face during a stoppage in play, when it was Roberts' own bloody fault!!

Then when he is getting subbed, starts limping for a second to suggest he was injured then wen he realises e looks like a prat he starts running off!

The guy needs to never play for us again when we have Mauro and Goodwillie on the form they where in today, and Rochina scoring at will as well.

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He's completely useless and I don't get why he keeps being picked and staying on for so long.

He brings nothing to the team, he doesn't score, he gets bullied off the ball by people half his size and my heart sinks a little every time I see him selected. The only people who seem to think he has any footballing ability are Steve Kean and Roberts himself.

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kean will play him because roberts is a brown nosing ,creeping pathetic individual like kean

Sadly, this is the truth.

I really wish we'd have got rid of Roberts under Hughes or Allardyce. He's absolutely useless.

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Goodwillie should take Roberts' place against Fulham. Roberts offers very little, and the only reason he is playing is because he supports Kean and Venkys. Its pathetic!!!!!

Goodwillie looks very decent, and twice the player Roberts is anyway!!

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I know people hate Allardyce being brought up again and again BUT...

If he couldn't find a use for someone of Roberts' size, shape and limited abilities in the form of a target man, then there is no hope for a novice manager who has a more 'cultured' view of the game to get anything else out of him.

He's a battering-ram without the batter... or the ram.

Stop bending over when you're stood next to a defender and have a go at winning the ball for a change. Sav was spot on about his first touch. Can't trap the ball when it's thrown to him.

There was a little cameo from Jase today where he was jogging backwards with his eyes firmly on the ball. He was still jogging backwards when he jogged right past the full back who promptly felt the ball land on his chest unchallenged. He was like a bin wagon. All that was missing was the robot voice warning of a large vehicle reversing. I almost laughed.


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Roberts and Darren Fletcher were making the point Kean never claimed we would ever get in the champions league in five years and saying kean sayid this is completely ridiculus

I emailed them striaght away:

"Sorry Jason/Darren I need to correct you, Steve said Blackburn could be in the champions league in as little as three years quote below:

Says Steve Kean: “It was difficult with Phil because he got the opportunity to go to Manchester United and he wanted to play Champions League football now. We’re not there yet but I’m sure we will be win the next three or four seasons.” Wednesday, June 22"

They will not read it.

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If you listen to 606 then you get what's coming to you.

Roberts is arguably the worst player Ive seen in a Rovers shirt. Awful. All he has is raw strength. He lacks control, technique and the worst thing is his attitude. He acts like a spoilt child on the pitch and when he isn't picked he throws a tantrum. He thinks he's a premiership footballer, thats the worst part.

The fact that he's played so regularly under so many managers is bewildering. This hasn't simply been under Kean. Allardyce and Hughes both played him ahead of McCarthy, Derbyshire and Kalinic.

The problem is, obviously, that we have no other options. We must assume that Goodwillie and whoever gets bought in between now and wednesday will leapfrog JR in the pecking order after today's performance. He's just a terrible terrible football player.

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Roberts was okay a few years ago, and even as an impact sub he's got some value.

he's never in a million years a starter in a premiership team though, along with Kean he's one of the big reasons we aren't able to win games. How can we expect to score goals with Roberts as the lone striker? We'd have to rely on our midfield, and let's face it, there's nobody in our midfield who can be described as prolific either.

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