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Both Venkys and Kean, have to take the responcibility for the things they have done and not done, that has put the club in the mess it is in today.

But does the blame really lie totally with them? Yes they are responcible for their incompetence. coming into a business they knew nothing about.

I suggest that the blame goes back further than any of them.

Jack Walker had a dream, which he shared with us. He built us a club to be proud of. When he died he entrusted the Walker Trust to take care of his businesses, including Rovers.

But the Walker Trust had no interest in football - although they did still do much for the club. They then said after awhile, that they wanted to sell the club. They wanted somebody else to take the club further forward. So they put the club up for sale.

But somehow we ended up with a bunch of people who have not taken the club forward, but backwards.


The Walker Trust made a huge error in selling to venky's. How did venkys get hold of the club?

Was not due dilligence done on venkys to see if they had the funds to run a football club?

How did they pass the fit and proper test by the premier league?

Had not the premier league learnt anything after what happened at Portsmouth?

I heard around the takeover period that there was intimidation put on the Walkers to sell the club. I do not know if that was true or not, just something I heard. If it was true that should have been more than a warning that venkys were not the right people for the club.

Yet for some strange reason venkys got their hands on the club.

As I am not involved in business, I am ignorant of how somethings work. But should not the due dilligence have shown up what funding they had to run a footbal club?

My opinion is that the Walker Trust, were given a responcibility. To take care of the club that Jack built. For awhile they did ok. But then they let Jack and the club and its supporters down.

I suggest that they have to take a lot of the blame for the mess we are in now.

Can there be a solution. Well apart from somebody coming forward and buying the club off venkys I can see no hope for the club.

I would like to see the Walker Trust and maybe another group of people with them, come forward and do all they can to get the club out of the hands of the venkys, whilst there is still time. I would like to see the Walker Trust put right the mess they created and get back to building the dream that Jack started.

No the Walker Trust in running the club, were not perfect in anyway. But they were better than what we have no. Yes they stopped the funding of the club. Which is why I suggest they come back, but with others involved.

I think somehow supporters have to try to encourage the Walker Trust back to the club. As it is obvious that venkys nor Kean are listenning to the protests.

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Also is Venky's are such big fans/friends of Kean, why let him suffer this amount of abuse without taking action. Rovers have gone from one of the most open and welcoming clubs, to the disaster we see today. The day that fans have to protest to get their views heard is an absolute disgrace and Venky's need to wake up otherwise the protests will be aimed at them.

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The blame has to come down to owners. They came and bought the club and replaced the manager with their own man. This is hardly something new, it happens all the time in football. It was unnecessary but understandable to some degree. They also took a lot of bad advice from people who were out to see their own best interests looked after. Due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of how football works, this again could be seen as unfortunate but understandable. These mistakes could be explained as the owners getting to know the ropes.

However, the owners have been in charge for a year now. They've seen how the team has been on the slide, how results haven't improved under Kean, just got worse, that the fans don't want Kean in charge and are fearful of the future and yet they've done nothing. This can't be explained as a rookie mistake or be put in the 'they're still learning' box. The owners have been told to their faces by the people who went to India and met them how Kean is not up to the job. The protesters have let them clearly know what the fans think. Even if it is only a minority protesting, they reflect the majorities opinion. And how how do the club respond? Tell us that they think Kean is 'a brilliant manager' and turn the music up full blast to drown out the supporters who the club really belongs to.

I was willing to give both the owners and the manager a chance. I think that most of us have been fair in that degree. All too often managers are sacked without being given a proper chance. Venky's were willing to give him a chance to prove himself and backed him. But it's gone beyond the point of proving yourself. We need results and he isn't getting them. Kean has failed with his chance and should be replaced. Any credit that the owners could be given for giving the manager time to prove himself was lost a long time ago and now has turned resentment.

Would the owners be so understanding if someone who was running one of their other big companies continually failed to get results and was taking the business down the toilet? I think not.

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The blame lies firmly with Venkys - the crude conflict of interest they have managed to get themselves into has seen us slip rapidly to the bottom of the table.

Plenty of unasnwered questions about who really has the power at the club the appointment of Steve Kean and signing of Myles Anderson leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Remember Jerome Anderson in January on Talksport saying Kean is a very good manager, really Jerome? You complete t**l.

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