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[Archived] Givet or Dann?


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What's the feeling about Dann and Nzonzi as a defensive midfield pair? Dann looks to have the control to play just in front of the defence to me. Givet would play centre half and Ollson at wing back.

Tactically if Ollson gets stranded upfield Givet can keep watch on the opposing winger whilst Dann drops back to fill his position.

A bit of fluidity in defence might work?

Edit. My post crossed with yours Grez. Not trying to steal your thunder.

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Keep Givet in there, shift Olsson to left-back and then there's room to slot Rochina in who's cup performances have been crying out for more league starts. Hopefully he'll get better but for me Dann hasn't looked anything special at all so far, about level with Nelsen, maybe slightly worse than Givet, nowhere near Samba who is still our stand out defender. Whether Kean has the guts to leave his £8m signing on the bench is another matter entirely, I suspect not.

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