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Well, why not?

My name's Daniel, 24 years old from Ipswich and I've been following Rovers since 1992 or so. I had two uncles who lived up in t'north and were massive Rovers supporters. They got me to a Rovers game in 1993 before my dad got me to an Ipswich game, so Rovers became the team I supported. Originally as a kid I was called a 'glory hunter', but that quickly died down as we slid further and further down but my support for the Rovers became stronger and stronger!

Due to my location I don't get to anywhere near as many games as I'd like to. I usually go to the away games at London clubs and generally make it to Ewood two or three times a season for various matches. It's one hell of a trek, more so now as I'm living independently and not exactly rolling in it. I've also watched Rovers at Old Trafford a couple of times (lost both times). My uncles no longer live in the north, if they did I'd probably be up a lot more... but nevermind!

I studied English Lit at University and gained a Masters... in the real world it means very little, but I love literature and studied it for the sake of loving the subject and not neccessarily job prospects (slim to none in a dying industry). As a result, I work in household insurance underwriting (booo).

That's about it.... oh, also, Kean Out! :)

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