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[Archived] Press conference


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With the recent media coverage of bad taste protests. Is it not worth fans going to brockhall in unity.

This way all the media outlets can get in close contact with the fans, and maybe spruce some interesting questions in the press conference. Now is the time with venkys in town (allegedly) to bring it home to them.

Just an idea(I know it's already been mentioned)

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Good idea but the media couldn't give two hoots about us IMO. As per.

Yep, you just know that if any of this had happened to one of their beloved Big Clubs they would have been all over it like a rash. Media coverage of all this has been very poor, very cynical and not very sympathetic to the fans.

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I'll keep beating the drum here, but I still believe all previous protests should be documented somewhere on the Internet - with rationale and background on each one - details and statistics, pics, press information, "official" press releases, and so on. The only way to counteract the negative spin from the owners and the press.

This could then be skimmed to provide bite sized bits of info to the non-Internet savvy crowd - posters in Pubs, Shops, etc, hand outs at the stadium, give those that either don't agree or simply know nothing about the situation the chance to digest what the point of it all is.

No sweat if you'd been following on here, or Twitter, et al, but to the outsider looking in? Going by Paper and TV reports?

I'll help? If that's what it takes? I'll knock up a website, throw stuff together, I can't physically make much of a difference due to my family obligations and location but I would like to help spread the word, co-ordinating the information in a single place might make it easier to link it all together, put the consistent message across.

Memory of the original protests will dull, the next "big" story about SK's contract or our next marquee signing (Andrew Johnson??!) will put pay to that...

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