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[Archived] Venky's: A Year On

Guest Wen Y Hu

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And that is what irritates me most about the trust. Not that they sold, but that they haven't made an issue of ensuring the safeguards they told us were in place have actually been put into effect.

Much like Venkys, it's mostly talk and very little substance.

They were relieved to be able to finally get rid of us, pre-sale they were slowly starving the club of financing or support and post-sale they're happy to be able to wash their hands of us entirely. I would be absolutely stunned if the Trust pursued any legal action.

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There is no way the Walker Trust will do anything. The club is less atractive now than when they sold it. Plus it needs a hell of a lot of money to put right what Venkys and Kean have destroyed.

All Venkys will do now is try to recover as much money as possible through player sales to enable them to walk away from the club with minimal losses. As I have mentioned before administration will be sooner rather than later and don't forget you get an automatic deduction of 10 points in the Fottball League.

Another problem for Venkys is that the pound is around 17% up against the Indian Rupee in the last 12 months which makes their existing investment even more expensive. Which is probably another reason why they will not put their own money in.

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There is nothing in the article to suggest that Paul Kelso has done an analysis of the accounts, which at this stage are probably not in the public domain.

In terms of your comments above, I would suggest reading Kamy's interpretation of the present situation might be worth doing.No-one can guarantee he is correct at this stage-that will be much clearer at the end of the window-but I really fear he will turn out to be correct.

I have read it and I'm saying the interpretation is wrong. I am also saying I am extremely confident that I am correct.

At this point, if anyone actually cares they can PM me and talk to me in more detail about this in private.

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Had lively conversations at least twice while out for early new year drinks in the Ewood area with folks who didn't understand what might happen if Venkys decided to drop us at then end of the season. Tried not to get too animated but I think I might have failed. If Ewood people don't get it what cadence do we have?

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Had lively conversations at least twice while out for early new year drinks in the Ewood area with folks who didn't understand what might happen if Venkys decided to drop us at the end of the season. Tried not to get too animated but I think I might have failed. If Ewood people don't get it what chance do we have?

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Today's result, while welcome, will only serve to convince our moron owners that everything's good at Ewood. They will take it as an endorsement of their criminal inactivity. As people without the first clue about football, they will view this result as indicative of normality rather than the kind of freak result that will pop up and surprise us all every year.

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Not aimed at you in particular but the thread you started about wanting us to lose every game to get kean out springs to mind . Are the people who wanted us to lose every game still of the same mind as coco is still here and we've won one game since??

Blackburn is a f88ked up club, there is no point in losing at all because Kean will never be sacked, he is perfect for Venkys this is becoming more clear, he will always make them look as good as gold the best he can, he will turn a negative transfer budget into a "good window" when we are weaker, and basically take all the pressure on his shoulders because he is a shallow liar and untalented manager.

A normal manager could not be abused like Kean is, it's almost impossible to sack Kean now.

If Kean had been sacked and a proper manager bought in when I started that thread i'm sure we will not be 19th now.

Your theory was simply that you can never see Blackburn lose even if it meant Kean was 100% sacked, everyone elses agrument that IF it meant Kean was sacked they would accept a defeat, I will NEVER understand who you can't see that this would have been in the best interest of the long term future of the club.

My theory is you are so emotionally attached to Blackburn that you struggle to be logical in these curcumstances.

If it was not for Yakubu I hate to think what we would have become.

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Will the Rao family dare to step foot in the UK again, scum bags.

I really doubt it. Can you imagine the reception they would get if they turned up at Ewood Park. It would make the stuff that has been chanted a Kean look like a few verses of Kumbaya My Lord around a logo fire.

I reckon they are trying to distant themselves from the club as much as possible, put as little money into them as they can and hope that somewhere along the line they can make a few quid of them before getting the shot of us. I think the reality of owning a football club is totally different from the champagne glitzy showpiece that they imagined it would be and they never saw the open displays of loathing toward them that has taken place.

If results continue to go like they have under Kean, I don't see them back this season.

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I think we are missing the point with our owners, we are thinking football related matters are whats important, :angry2: but it may well

be that as they are not and never have been interested in football all that matters to them is finance.

If they sell the likes of Samba, hoillet, Robinson in this transfer window, it will become clearer what their motives are.

Whether they ever intended to invest in the rovers from whatever source is open to question, however if they continue to sell

our best players and replace them with pale imitations we are definitely relegated because our squad will not be good enough to

keep us up. On the face of it we are not completely detached at the bottom , but bearing in mind the whole situation it will

be truly amazing if we are not relegated.

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Venky's, if the club really is your 'baby' it's malnourished and in need of urgent care. Stop being negligent parents and get your act together!!

If MG road is reading this, all the talk, and daft PR stunts don't hold water when they won't take action when it comes to matters of grave importance- performances on the pitch/rank bad management from top to bottom.

Until they address the above, they'll be treated with the contempt they deserve.


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Venkys don't want anything from Rovers, just their money back, and more on top of it.

My belief, Kean and Anderson engineered this whole thing. Venkys are just the face of it all. Win Win situation for them. If we go down, they sell the best players and bugger off with parachute payments. If we stay up, they sell our best players, cut wages, and pick up sky money.

Unfortunately Kean will never be sacked and obviously he will never quit. There are no positives for me. I was at Liverpool and Man Utd, and of course enjoyed both results, but I fear neither result will have an impact on our season. We will go down and this January will be detrimental to the squad. Samba, Hoillett and Robinson will go.

What has happened to our club

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Hi guys, someone sent me this today, if it's a problem for the site please feel free to delete.. But after what has gone on very believable...


I am very well connected with BRFC and have sat on this info for long enough..you want to know whats going on at Ewood..here it is.

Steve KEAN (Minor 2nd team coach) is connected to a number of pretty serious Glasgow criminals who had a vast amount of money which required

laundering. (2-3million)

As an employee of the club KEAN was aware that ROVERS had been for sale for quite some time with very little serious interest from anyone, he knew the price and the money which would be required to purchase it. He approached his Management Company KETARO (owned by ANDERSON) and put to him a business plan for the purchase of the club, this plan would give ANDERSON unofficial control of the club and enable him to 'legally' perform the sort of transaction with existing and future players on his books that got West Ham into trouble with the TEVEZ / MASSCARNO saga. (the buying and selling of players being the only way to make money from

a Premier League club)

The consortium that KEAN suggested involved himself (representing the the gangster money) being a shareholder and part owner in the little scheme, KENTRO unable to purchase a Premier League club to to league conflict rules, scouted around emerging markets (India / China / Brazil) for a company to come in as the official new 'owners' capable of satisfying the fit and proper test laid down by the league. VENKYS loved the idea as they were keen to attack the European market and expand beyond India. The cost to VENKYS for taking part in the venture was half the purchase price of 43million. (This 20 million was set aside anyway for marketing costs in breaking into the European market so net coast to VENKYS being NIL) The remainder of the cost was met by

ANDERSON and a number of others in his

syndicate (including KEAN) The scheme was sold to all involve as being 'win win' as the

purchase price was assured of being returned to all members of the syndicate by TV money and in worst case relegation parachute payment which totalled coincidentally approx 43 million)

KEAN had one condition for his involvement, the removal of BIG SAM and his promotion to Club Manager. The removal of the established management infrastructure was essential in

helping the group keep the deal secret, hence JOHN W and the rest were thanked for their services and shown the door. The recent mortgage in Aug 2011 for 43million is assured against the TV money for this year and any subsequent parachute payment from relegation whether that come this year or in the future. This money has been returned to all members of the syndicate to cover their initial stake (hence the secrecy), thus any money made from here on in by way of transfers, TV money, sale of the club being total profit to the group.

The Indians are basically passengers on this train and as now they have their money back they are totally uninterested in the future of the club, for them it remains what it always has been, a marketing tool.

ANDERSON is keen to continue to use the club as a feeder for his younger less established players, he makes money by legitamatly charging

massively inflated agent fees for all players coming in and out, and in the event of a player making a big breakthrough gains millions for the syndicate in the sell on fee. KEAN..well he's just living the dream, he would never have made a Premier League manager as long as he lived, the best he could aspire to was being someones No 2 and that dream was 5-10years away. The new deal recently signed by KEAN is in recognition and reward from all concerned as the others have all done very well out of the deal to date (he obviously had to be rewarded as well) He is the Manager and he's going nowhere, not because he's un-sackable but because he's delivered what he said and not withstanding HE OWNS PART OF THE CLUB.

(albeit via his gangster friends in Glasgow)

All of his little trips to INDIA are not about him answering to the INDIANS is about him telling them what to do, when to speak and what to say, all stuff that needs to be said in person at risk of emails or phone calls being recorded. The whole thing would take a financial investigator years to uncover and is

more or less impossible to trace as the paper trail all runs though VENKYS in INDIA. They have the club pretty much sawn up. The recent

interest from the Middle East is of no interest to the syndicate as they only stand to gain a little over what they paid, the rewards from

keeping the club are much more to them than that..If this deal ever came out..people will be going to jail..so don't expect it to anytime

soon..Oh what fun to be a Rovers fan.

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I think that statement, virtually to the word, has been posted elsewhere on the web before. I am very angry at what Venkys, Kentaro and Kean have done to this club through incompetence and mis-management but I think the content of what was sent to you is almost definitely the product of someone's imagination.

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Until someone can disprove otherwise what Darwen Rover has posted, then I'll buy into that story.

As for twelve months on, what Venky's need to know is that WE the Rovers fans are now the subjects of ridicule in this country through various national media outlets and also in our region in particular with our closest rivals.

You just cant underestimate the harm, the pain, the damage, inflicted on us poor Rovers fans, who believed in all the goodness that Venkys would bring to the club initially.

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