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[Archived] Coco's Christmas

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One of the many good books on the history of Rovers! Maybe, just maybe, he may understand what's expected! When he's read it a dozen times he could take it to India and make sure our owners read it!!

The other two prezzies, a right back and a central defensive midfielder!

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A samurai sword for him to commit harakiri. Oh wait, I forgot, he has no honour.

And will then spin the tale to say that a fan of his has given him a samurai sword as a symbol of his integrity, hardwork and excellence.

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A gag to stop him from using any combination of I/We coupled with felt/feel as he seems to say them about 10 times in every interview. His usual is "I feel we have a young squad" or my favourite "I feel we have a competitive squad" lost count how many times I've heard him say that.

I feel he should come up with a fresh way of expressing himself.

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