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[Archived] And here is what you could have won...

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Another game and another false dawn (the Swansea win) crushed with bitter disappointment of defeat. Why are we still surprised that happens? I suspect it’s the fool hardy hope of any football fan in the country. It doesn’t matter if you have an abysmal manager with an apparent lack of any tactical nous whatsoever, it doesn’t matter that we have only won 7 league games out of a possible 36 and it doesn’t matter that we have only won twice before this season, we all still believed that three points was a possibility, nay a certainty before Sunday.

That was, of course, until the teams were announced. The certainty felt the day before had quickly evaporated and the reality that we really do have the worst manager since the dawn of time suddenly hit. Obviously the pre-match injuries were not his fault (contrary to what some may believe) but just seeing the eleven on the pitch with the complete lack of quality and experience on the bench have left us with the feeling that our club is now being run by incompetents, fools and worst of all an incompetent fool.

The 300ish hardy Rovers fans who made their way North were probably filled with the most optimism before the game started, however by the end I suspect they were jealously glancing over at the Irish man seemingly bouncing up and down on a trampoline. This was stark reminder of what we could have won, had Venky’s had the testicular fortitude to sack someone who is inevitably taking Blackburn Rovers down faster than one would take down a whore’s drawers (not that I would know about that kind of thing). There soared a manager who had clearly prepared his troops for battle without the use of a “Football Tactics for Dummies” book. I suspect Kean does have one of those, but he bought it while in Canada during a trip to meet David Hoilett Snr, what Kean doesn’t realise is that he should have bought “Soccer Tactics for Dummies”, as clearly the defensive tactics that he deployed for the best part of an hour showed no resemblance to the sport we love so dearly and more like the defensive unit of an NFL team. Kean quickly needs to read the attacking part of that book based on Sunday’s performance alone.

How jealous are we that they have a manager who not only can prepare a team for a match, but can recognise when something isn’t working, make a change tactically while using a couple of substitutes and turn a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 victory. How I wish Kean could even fathom a thought of tactically changing something that isn’t working. From the moment the phantom of the opera scored the opener Kean set out to defend a 1-0 lead. While this seems like a sensible approach, to start doing it 10 minutes BEFORE half-time is deluded. We could all see the inevitable happening and if it wasn’t for the heroic Paul Robinson, Chris Samba and the quickly improving Scott Dann it would have happened a lot sooner.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the sacking of Big Sam after a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Bolton. Steve Kean lost 2-1 at the weekend, can he be sacked? Please?!?! Big Sam had won 6 league games in the season prior to his removal, Kean has won twice. How can this man still have a job in football, let alone at our club?

The only positive I can take from this whole situation, and it took a while to find, is that we are not cut adrift yet. There are other teams around us and within touching distance and with even a half decent manager we can get out of this mess still. I suspect however that our dear Indian owners will do a ‘West Ham’ (when they sacked Grant) and sack Kean when the inevitable does happen.

Please act now, as sure as Sunderland were going to score on Sunday, we are going down. Make the change to avoid this Venky’s, I beg you!

Steve Kean’s 12 months in stats:-

Days - 365

League Games played - 36

Won - 7

Drawn - 11

Lost - 18

Total points - 32

Win percentage - 19.44%

Loss percentage - 50%

Number of players used in our back four this season - 11

Approval rating - <1%

Forfeits - 1 (That he admitted to, he forfeits the other games by being incompetent)

Lies told… err… (How many words does a human speak in a year? Because its that many lies!)

Owners hypnotised - 4

Payrises - 1

People he has managed to get sacked (That was “nothing to do with him”) – 3

What on earth will the next 12 months bring… I shudder at the thought.

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