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[Archived] Steve Kean


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First post, I am no way a Blackburn 'fan' I've never been to Blackburn before I live in the west country, and I first started watching football the season Blackburn won the PL in 1995!

This season I've looked out for your results and progress closely because of the bad situation you are in and hope that you survive and do well, and I have a mate who supports you guys.

I have to say that in all my years in watching football I have never seen such a hopeless imposter in Steve Kean I actually hate the man, his deluded arrogant interviews knowing he will not be sacked no matter how rubbish he is. Complete and utter knob don't take to much notice of Owen Coyle he's one of these media whores who always has something good to say about any manager or player, he would say your local dog and duck player would be an England regular in years to come.

Everybody down here where I live think the same on Kean but I am an exception, I just absolutely hate him and his interviews knowing he's untouchable just completely infuriates me now to the point where I just have to switch it over to a different channel. IMO he deserves all the abuse he gets, he's the one knowing he will get a big phat pay-off and look at his track record in football and management, not like he was a multi millionaire was it before he got the job at Blackburn, so he doesn't need to resign.

I watched the game vs Bolton on Sky and what I seen was a team not fighting for the manager, you've got some good players and a match winner in Yakubu.

I have always wondered if the Venky's actually was minted or did they just want to make Blackburn big in a hugely populated country like India? The whole situation is sad, hope you all come out of it on the good side!

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