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[Archived] Rovers 25 man squad


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Surely that must mean that Myles has been released?

EDIT: Having said that, it does say "Rovers players under the age of 21 in addition to the submitted list include Grant Hanley, Junior Hoilett, Jason Lowe, Adam Henley, Jordan Slew and Ruben Rochina".

The use of the word "include" suggest that there are others under 21. Now, Myles turned 22 in January so is it "under 21 as at the start of the 2011/12 season" or has someone dropped a bollock?

Would be hilarious if he's been omitted by accident.

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He is in the list of Under-21 players according to the lists on the Premier League website. Sadly he is still with us just like Bruno. I mean, who in their right mind would take them off our hands.

I doubt the PL website will have been updated already, would it? If it has then it must take into account the age at the start of the season, as he's turned 22.

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As I posted in the other topic, the list from the Premier League website (Link) shows Anderson in the U21 list.

The last bulletpoint on the first page explains why: for this season, any player born after 1st January 1990 counts as being U21. Anderson was born on 9/1/1990, therefore qualifying as "U21" and eligible to play.

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