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[Archived] Blackburn v QPR


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Do you know why he has fallen out with Mrs D, DE4life?

MG Road's posts in one of the other threads suggests the family want rid of Kean but he's refusing to leave without the £2m payoff which he is entitled to. Hence strained relations between them. I personally have no idea as I'm not ITK :)

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Vukcevic for me is a curious one. In my opinion he's ine of the classiest players we have...true international class but kean hasn't got a clue what to do with him. Just never given a proper run in the side whilst dunn plays at every opportunity. Simon is a different level to dunn....in my opinion

Vukcevic is just a tad too slow, thats why he doesnt play so much sparky.

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That was very funny, thanks for sharing

It was. Thanks RM.

I particularly liked this part "(BRFC) managed by a character rejected from the Muppets by Jim Henson for being too farcical and not funny enough. That they’re still making a reasonable fist of remaining in the top flight despite the presence of Steve Kean on the touchline, the mad Indian chicken farmers in the boardroom, and everybody’s favourite “fixer” Jerome Anderson presumably loitering from a safe distance like Coyote waiting for the Roadrunner to arrive says a lot for the incompetence of the teams around them, especially Queens Park Rangers."

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