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[Archived] Capello Resigns

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i dont agree our players arent good enough, fair enough we are not as good as spain or germany but we have some excellent young players coming through such as chamberlain, walker, johnson, jones, welbeck, sturridge, wilshere and mcheacren, we also have the nucleus of a good spine in hart, terry, gerrard and rooney along with the best leftback in the world in ashley cole, the likes of young and walcott on the wing with scott parker in midfield, we arent a top international team and we wont win euro 2012 but only the likes of germany, spain and brazil can be put in the top bracket at the moment!!!

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If Capello resigned I wonder if he has walked away from his contract. If he has, he will have gone up 100% in my estimation of him, as it shows at least he has some self respect. Perhaps someone a little closer to home should see the value of this.

Whilst I want Kean gone as much as the next person, I get the feeling Capellos future job prospects are better than Keans for some reason.

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Hope that wasp munching, rubber faced, jumped up, overrated ugly get from Tottenham doesn't get it.

Can't stick him.


I'm with you, den.

I cannot stand the man.

If I was a conspiracy theorist- I could say that maybe the media and FA have engineered capello's exit. the gagging order and some of the quotes from Bernstein press conference yesterday, could point to suspicion.

from http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/16961682

"Terry was stripped of his role on Friday, 3 February and two days later the 65-year-old told Italian state broadcaster RAI that he "absolutely" did not agree with the FA's decision.

"The board made a very quick and unanimous decision regarding the captaincy," continued Bernstein.

"I informed Fabio on Thursday evening as soon as the decision had been made. Fabio wasn't happy but he accepted the board's authority in the matter.

"On Sunday, Fabio conducted an interview with an Italian broadcaster. That caused conjecture and huge public debate and frankly it was an unsatisfactory situation."

he offered his resignation and I agreed this was the right decision for the FA.

" We went into the meeting with concerns but an open mind."

Back to 'arry, I will not support an england team managed by the slippery toad (and that being kind).

'arry has several huge allies in the national media. they fall over themselves to big him up at every opportunity! he is forever namechecked on skys sunday supplement, where most of the media big wigs appear.

redknapp is.. lets say.. well connected in a variety of ways.

Many of those allies have had it in for capello since the world cup.

It was pedictable that fabio was the one who took most of the vitriol and blame, when its the players who failed to deliver and were far more culpable.

I concede that his wages were way over the top, but the criticism shouldn't be aimed at fabio for accepting it. blame those at the FA who gave him his 2 contracts!

His 'lack of english', constantly peddled by the media, is frankly rubbish and just another stick to beat him with.

His answers to some questions were deliberately vague, but every manager in every league protects himself that way.

I have watched many tv programmes and have several Milan DVDs, and I assure everyone that

his speak patterns tone and 'lisp' when he speaks english, is exactly the same as it is in Italian... as are his mannerisms.

im sure there's evidence of this on youtube.

Capello's record as england manager is the best ever.

his win ratio is 62%, England's all-time record is 57%.

AND In this era of prima donnas, club cliques and rivalries -where international games aren't seen as important to the most of the players (do just enough for england and preserve their energies and fitness for club games) -


It is often said that capello failed to embrace the 'english culture', but seeing the poison and criticism of his every move, from press and fans,

he could equally say england never embraced him.

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Stuart Pearce is just another coach. Proper footballer, thick as a bar top, honest as the day is long .... unfortunately he'll never be a manager as long as he has a hole in his arse.

I agree. He comes up woefully short with the U21s constantly. They play horrible, rigid football with a complete lack of creativity. If he gets an extended run I bet he'll be worse than McClaren.

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Has to be Redknapp for me, love Barry Fry

:lol: the gist of what Fry is saying is a fair point, but the way he expresses it makes him sound like an ignorant English lout.

Regardless of that, the national opinion is certainly that we should have an English manager and the FA should go with that. I don't think there should necessarily be a rule that a national team coach has to be of the same nationality - for underdeveloped countries especially a foreign coach can bring massive beenfits to the overall national game - but countries like England should really be producing our own coaches good enough for the national stage.

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Stuart Pearce is just another coach. Proper footballer, thick as a bar top, honest as the day is long .... unfortunately he'll never be a manager as long as he has a hole in his arse.

ah.. it didnt take him long. eternal misery guts, b*llshitter extrordinaire and 'arry's mate

shaun custis - discredits 1 of harry's rivals.

this has been adressed years ago! :angry2:


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Stuart Pierce apparently got into some difficulty once over words:


Eh, let us be the first one to cast stones.

Yawn... another week another race slur. Not surprised in the slightest that it's Paul Ince involved, everyone who isn't of African descent is a massive racist to him, he's like the Lenny Henry of football.

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A Cup of Beans: Yeah, you posted that at the same time I found it, the Sun pictures are better.

Everyone always mentions Brian Clough and a great man, manager but back in the day, I did not read him saying a really dirty racist word but he did say some things alright.

In the end, we are all humans, the problems with defending John Terry is Terry seems to carry a lot of baggage. Some other players may have a problem but it is more like a one time deal, S. Gerrard with that bar fight or Rio missing that drug test, one thing compared to JT's half dozen.

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stuart pearce would a monumentaly diabolacly, bad bad bad bad bad appointment, we would be entering the realms of the graham taylor era. the most obvious choice for me and hes a man who wants it, is hiddink, he should have been appointed the moment he said he was interested but the f.a have their heads so far up their arses that they couldnt run a ###### up in a brewery!!!

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If Pearce becomes permanent England manager it'll be a mixture of hilarity and embarrassment.

He had the U21's playing some awful stuff. A good generation of genuinely talented kids reduced to playing the typical English Neanderthal system of football. No thanks.

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My newspaper this morning had three full broadsheet pages on Harry "I'm an honest bloke, salt of the earth, no one had it harder as a kid" Redknapp. For pity's sake FA put us all out of our agony and either give him the job or say you don't want him. The man's an arse anyway. Talk about boring. JHC!

It makes no difference if we have an English manager or not. Why all this fervent patriotism about the national team when every week every football fan is prepared to cheer on a bunch of foreign mercenaries in the name of THEIR club? Talk about double standards.

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What a win by the Spurs today, for their fans, I'm not sure about yanking HR away though it'd be the chance of a lifetime, I mean if he did well, really well, he could go down as an all time great manager.

I just saw the headline story indicating A. Shearer was saying England should forget about Euro 2012 and prepare for the World Cup 2014. Kind of a harsh analysis to me as long as England has booked a place there!

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