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[Archived] Rovers fans working together


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Now now everyone its time for everybody to work together as one whole team,

We all love brfc and hate the situation it is in, and it shouldnt be happening at are club at all, its shocking that the fa are aloowing it all to happen in my eyes!!

But end of day i no a lot of people dont agree with protests what have happened, and thats people opinions, butin my eyes its been good cause its got the media's attention towards the club and what is happening!!

We dont want to go and protest every week we want to be able to take family with us to game have a few pints enjoy the day and go home with 3 points then come on these forums and chat about the win and performance not about th way club is being run!!

Its been the very tough last 6 month as a rovers fan, iv never ever known anything like it with the in fighting argueing, its just like primary school stuff,!

We need to pull together as one whole team, the more fans we have against venkys and kean and the louder we are and more pressure we can put on them the better chance we have of getting them out the club!!

In the past people was saying about if venkys were to sell then who would want it, welll we have a real option now in the fans take over, we can all do it yes a thousand pound is a lot but between ten mates £100 each, doesnt make it 2 much, (its a night out these days)

The biggest clubs in the world are run by the fans and are part owned so cant see the problem why rovers cant it makes more sence than anything!!

Theres a lot of people what dont like glen and simon (dont no why) but il leave it at that, but in my eyes everyone will work with somebody or has to do something with somebody they dont like but they just get on with the task ahead,

Well this is what rovers fans need to do, its time to get rid of school boy stuff and turn into the team All for one, One for all!

Rovers is are love, what would we all do with out it?

Please can everyone just be together and pull together as one team, with out everyone on board we arent going to have a club in a few years,

I would love it if everyone would march down to ewood together as one TO TAKE BACK ARE CLUB against villa!!!

The havelock

Uncle jacks,

The golden cup

these are the venues where we will march from together as one

All for one, One for all



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well the players need to play well blaming kean and venkys aside players are the ones who perform the way the played against arsenal looking defeated even before the match had started absolutely sickened

they are yes but do they really want to play for kean, and the answer to that in my eyes is No,

they come out and say they back him but there not very convinceing the way they do

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