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[Archived] Premiership or championship football?

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Hasn't it been fun folks,rocking Ewood atmospheres,a less than quater filled ground,fantastic football on show...FFS!.

Seeing that we've been talking about Fergy recently, he was saying that nostalgia misleads the mind. When it was put to him that this United team isn't a patch on previous teams, he replied that no other United side had either got to the points level they are at now - or had the league sown up so early (I can't remember which). It's the same with how we remember the good times in the lower leagues - great atmosphere, top players, great matches etc, etc, when in general it was bloody awful. Crap crowds and terrible performances on a mud heap of a pitch. It's also got to be said that when the older brigade go on about the good times - they weren't always that good.. I don't ever remember seeing Duggie, Ronnie Clayton or Mike England ever have a bad game, but I'm sure they had many.

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I'm not old enough to remember the last time we were a lower-league side, but I'm pretty certain that in terms of entertainment, quality and class the Premiership was considerably better than any of the lower leagues.

Even in my lifetime, would I swap one of our Premier League seasons for a season in League 1?

Lower crowds, worse players, playing against nobody teams, crapper football...

Of course I wouldn't!

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