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[Archived] Someone Could Make Some Cash Here

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Fernhurst No More For Away Fans

If you own a patch of land or know someone that does you could ear a lot of money here during the footy season. Im friends with the landlords at the Golden Cup and Im going to tell them they would make more money using their car park as how Fernhurst did that using it for parking cars

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If anything it should have been for home fans. No other club treats the away fans as royalty as our club does.

The impression I get is that they arent bothered about any football fan going in the pub. If it was making a load of money from away fans, then Thwaites wouldnt have sold it in the first place.

We get some right horrible treatment at grounds like Spurs / ManU where you cant get a pint anywhere nearby, so I've little sympathy.

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Not the brightest of ideas is it,the Furnhurst usually did a fine job in keeping the leery Mancs et al away from our locals!

Crazy decision really for the sake of 2-3 hrs every other Saturday afternoon..do they realise how much coin will be lost?

Golden opportunity for the club to make some money out of this...... Bar staff clad in opposition shirts, fast service for both food and drink (Draft wainrights if possible). Increased match day raffle tickets, programmes etc. Should the almost impossible happen and we stay up the possibilities to make Ewood THE Prem awayday experience to be at are immense.

Problem is BRFC management dont have a commercially aware bone in their body. Never have had. :rolleyes:

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