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[Archived] Premier League Survivor - GAME 4 ROUND 2

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Game 1 + 3 winner: Baz

Game 2 winner: hemustbemad

Each week you pick a winner from the fixtures that week.

If that team wins you're through to the next round, but if the team you pick draws or loses, you're out!

You have to pick a different team every week until we have a winner.

If you pick a game that has been postponed/abandoned and you do not have time (or are unable to) change your selections before the games kick off, your selection will default to the first home team on that particular set of fixtures. If that game is also postponed/abandoned or you have already selected your 'default team' in the current round, you will default to the second home team, and so on.

Please copy the full list of members' selections and put that in your post when you make your choice. This means copy the full list from the last user who has made a selection, paste this into your post and add your selection next to your name. You can pick the same team as somebody else.

All picks must be made before the first game kicks off on saturday at 15:00.

People through to round 2 are:

Arsenal - bob fleming, nellybc, Ricky, 12milesfromewood, Stuart, Audax, frosty, trueblue

Norwich City - roverwhelmed, Scott18, blue_n_white99, J*B, Tom M,

Sunderland - alexanders-bluefred - Puffsan - Hanks

This week's fixtures:

15:00 Everton v West Bromwich Albion

15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bolton Wanderers

15:00 Wigan Athletic v Stoke City

15:00 Manchester City v Sunderland

15:00 Aston Villa v Chelsea

15:00 Fulham v Norwich City

15:00 Queens Park Rangers v Arsenal

Sunday April 1

13:30 Newcastle United v Liverpool

16:00 Tottenham vs Swansea

Monday April 2

20:00 Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester United

Everton - blue_n_white99

Manchester City - Audax - Stuart - nellybc

Newcastle - J*B

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Can someone put me down for City please

Everton - blue_n_white99

Manchester City - Audax - Stuart - nellybc - Hanks-bluefred.- Tom M

Newcastle - J*B

Tottenham - frosty

Chelsea - 12milesfromewood - alexanders

Stoke- Scott18

Arsenal - roverwhelmed - Puffsan

Fulham - ricky

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