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Nixon was struggling to get anything at all right, started getting all defensive about 'wee Stevie' and 'Coyley' before storming off to Twitter.

He's just about below old Keano himself in the bullshit-stakes.

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We won two of our last fourteen games :blink: we beat a rubbish Bolton team who were already safe and Wolves on the last day of the season, and nearly threw that match away as well when we conceded our customary two goals.

There was no reason whatsoever to give Kean a chance this season. I don't think anyone considers themselves a sage for predicting Kean was going to cause us to fail again this sseason - it was bloody obvious.

Not only that the improvement was imo down to the influence of 4 absolutely key players in particular...

1. The never say die attitude of the Captain. Chris Samba's influence, energy and committment was massively influential on the rest of the squad and the supporters.

2. The excellent Jermaine Jones in midfield who though on loan played as if his life defended on our survival.

3. The return from injury of the phenomenally talented Phil Jones.

4. The return from injury of the mercurial matchwinning abilities of Junior Hoilett.

The improvement in the rest of the team was imo down to those 4. And in particular most to benefit was N'Zonzi and Olsson. If I was a top 10 manager N'Zonzi would be on my shopping list. Surrounding him with top players turns him into one.

Unfortunately almost as soon as the season was over Jones Phil was flogged off to MU, Jones J was declared way too expensive and huge question marks remained over the availability of Samba and Hoilett for the coming season. Is it any wonder ST sales were down from people who could think logically and make 2+2=4 and not a pie in the sky 6.

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If you look at it logically, this had disaster written on it from the start - chicken farmers, based in India, without any knowledge of football buying a football club?? Crazy...

Only once they got rid of the quality on field and off field management over here and replaced them with dross and then stubbornly and steadfastly refused to admit to making a complete (Please don't use that word again) up of the whole thing.

Dunno when I first used the popular Blackburn phrase 'Eees betta .... eees cheepah' to describe the Venkey business mentality but it could well serve as a suitable epitaph to BRFC.

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Do you blame them saying only 30 fans are unhappy when a majority of our fans wont do/say a thing?

Yup. They should all just keep their gobs shut and show respect to the fans - even if they don't think it.

Manners cost nothing.

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You accuse Jim of being blinkered but your views have been equally blinkered and even worse you appear to suffer severe myopia too. Jim, Den, Gunner and I plus a number of others got fearsome stick for seeing through the Venkeys right from the start. So too did Dave Whelan. In your position you need to display some humility and concede a little respect. You need to rem that the difference between intelligence and wisdom is age. ;)

Ok - firstly I can't recollect personally giving anyone "fearsome stick" for any view on this MB. And though I try in parts to use humour - rarely resort to insults or question peoples intelligence for having different views to mine - it is a shame that all your wisdom hasn't taught you to do the same. You must also remember that you know little of my age or intelligence.

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You must also remember that you know little of my age or intelligence.

The former I concede. Truth is these days I find myself increasingly relying on the law of averages in such matters. I guess anybody who remembers DMTP must be knocking on a bit. If so I can only assume your seat faces away from the pitch.

The latter again I concede. I need make no adverse comment as so many others appear to be eager and willing to do that for me.

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I need make no adverse comment as so many others appear to be eager and willing to do that for me.

So many others being the usual suspects.

Can I ask you a simple question - which seemed to start this debate - what have I said that is pro-Venky's ? other than not judging somebody because they have a pony tail.

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You didnt judge them after Allardyce, MacDonald, Williams, Finn, the whole Kean fiasco, no sponsors, falling ST sales, falling corporate sales, broken transfer promises?

Most of the above occured before this season even started, more fool you if you came into this season thinking they still deserved a chance.

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