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:rover: Mission completed,jack will be turning in his grave.19th november 2010 was the saddest day in our great clubs history,those twits who were/are menbers of the walker trust,YOU SOLD OUT ON A GREAT MAN.venksters must be rubbing there hands with glee,parachute payments for 3 seasons,buy a club for chicken feed,and then systmatically rape it.

goodbye robbo,givet,hoilett,ollsonn,the yak.bloody good riddance to dann,pedersen,formica.no doubt our up and coming youngsters will go,see hanley,lowe and numerous youth team players.we could buy rankers squad for peanuts though,anyone remenber ally dawson.

sad day for me,but monday the 7th may the legend that is JACK WALKER will live on. :angry:

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I watched MOTD tonight. Rovers' attempts on goals - 0

The usual complient three in the chairs said that Steve kean had kept his dignity. If the bloke had any dignity he would have resigned months ago. The only reason he has ..................oh F**k it, if he hadn't taken over Allerdyces points last season he would have relegated us. His complete incompetence has finally managed the job. The stupid sod actually seemed to think that we still have a chance of staying up.

So screw you Kean & screw you Venkys.

I'm tired & emotional. I'll stand by this though.

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:rover: may have been 8 dazs earlz but up zours venkzs,ans zour puppet :rolleyes::brfcsmilie:

Gaz, at least you have sun on your back to ease the pain.........

Legia Warsaw in the Champions League seems a million light years away now eh?

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