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[Archived] So what did you end up doing about your early bird offer?


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  1. 1. So what did you do?

    • Didn't have one and haven't bought one
    • Didn't have one before but I do now!!!
    • Had one before and have renewed!!!
    • Had one and haven't renewed but am waiting to see what occurs
    • Had one, Haven't renewed and won't regardless
    • I don't like the above questions, they should have been different, lifes not fair

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i put havent renewed, waiting to see what occurs, i probably will renew eventually but i have to pay for my holiday this month and if they are going to take first payment out in may, i cant risk it, besides, i hate venkys and kean

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Does anybody know what would happen if you went to try and buy a season ticket today? Would they refuse you one without knowing any new prices?

I rang at nine this morning and they said as the "new" prices weren't out yet I could have them at the Early Bird price...no thanks

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Lit a lovely warm fire with mine, cant beat the smell of burning oak on a nice wood burning stove accompanied by the thought of that ###### steve keans image being burned as well.

KEAN OUT before I part with my hard earned.

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Not yet renewed. Ripped the renewal form and covering letter in half, wrote on it that I would renew if Kean was removed from the club giving as reasons the lies and deceit, the incompetence and ineptitude, the delusion and drivel and the agents and conmen. Then returned it in the envelope provided.

The refusal to take up the early bird offer may be the most effective form of protest yet. So I'm holding my breath awaiting Kean's P45 !

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  • Backroom

I actually think the numbers quoted (read: guessed) will be way below the actual amount sold.

I would expect at least 5k will have been sold

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I renewed first day, and do not regret it, was told by club I was the first renewal also.

The badge is far more important than the owners and the Manager, and it never crossed my mind not to renew

I didn't know you had a season ticket, how come you pop up all over the ground like Where's Wally?

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I've renewed. My Dad, a fan of fifty odd years called me an idiot, but my reasons are that I have had times when I've not been able to get down to Ewood - usually while working overseas. I used to make trips back fairly regularly, which cost a fortune, but when I wasn't able to, I hated it. The number of times I listened to crappy reception 5 live, or camped out in Internet cafe's, or went searching for pubs showing games - not the same though.

While The Venkeanderson regime has all but completely spoiled my enjoyment, I'll not let them take it away completely. It will always be our club!

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