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[Archived] The Right To Reply

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The book is almost finished now. From the outset I didn't want this to be just another platform for the same old voices we all know and don't love. For me, Rovers is about the people who were here 10 years ago and the people who will still be here in 10 years time. All the rest are just doing a job.

Having said that, I do feel that it is important to give people the in the story the right to reply. I know from reading all the messages on BRFCS that other Rovers fans have had contact with the key figures at the club over the last 2 years. If any of you have contact email addresses and postal addresses for the people you have spoken to (I have the full list at home and I will post it on here this evening. You know who I mean - Kean, Hunt, Agnew, Venky's, Egerton-Vernon, Finn, Williams, etc) please could you PM me.

I am not talking about home telephone numbers or stuff like that. I just want acceptable email and postal addresses that are out in the public domain that the people in question are happy for people with sensible enquiries to use. Do not post their contact details on here publicly - this is not about abuse - it is just about giving people the right to reply.

All I am going to do is post and email a list of upto 10 questions maximum to the people involved. They then have until the book goes to the printers to reply. It's entirely up to them if they do but either way it is a story.

I have contacted a few of the more vocal journalists - Brian Reade has accepted that his Kean Manager of The Year article wasn't the best - and who knows, maybe others will do the same. As I have said - if you put a question to someone and they ignore it - that is a story in itself.

Thanks in advance for your help and keep checking out my website at www.rovertaken.co.uk and, if you haven't already, follow me on Twitter and Facebook and spread the word! Thank you!

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