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[Archived] Quiet Reflection

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The morning of 14th May 1995,

I was setting off to meet my mates on way for train to Anfield. My wife pointed out a bruise on my 18 month old daughter’s lower back. She’d fallen the day before, so we put it down to that.

Off I went to witness History.

As the final whistle blew Graham le Saux was running directly towards me for a throw in. I instinctively ran towards him, and ended up with his legs wrapped round my waist, (great picture taken by 1864Roverite!). The rest of the day was a drunken blur, one of the happiest of my life.

As the team and fans celebrated at Ewood, I was back on nights. The following day I didn’t get to bed. Instead I spent the whole day at Preston hospital. By tea time, I had the awful news that my daughter had a Cancer, the bruise was the tumour pressing through the skin.

Without doubt, the worst day of my life.

Happily in 2 weeks time my 18year old “little girl” is a bridesmaid for my eldest daughter. Another fantastic day will be had.

Certainly life can have its high’s and low’s.

I’ve shared this with you because I know like me; Rovers fans are really hurting about the demise of our club.

I absolutely loathe those responsible for ripping the heart out of my club, but sometime hopefully soon, we can get the parasites out. We can all start enjoying what is a huge and mostly enjoyable part of our lives. We can have the banter and watch Rovers get back up.

Football is not life or death, but I feel the pain.

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I echo Marks sentiments and will be there at the wedding. One thing though I wont be mentioning football or BRFC, KEANSCUM or dingles.

Memories of Rovers are deep inside I fear we wont have many more memorable moments whils these clueless mongs are onboard.

For the record, that weekend is also my daughters 19th Birthday, another reason to celebrate !!!

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I was genuinely moved by your story, Mark! Glad she's ok now! All the best you and the family.

Do you still have the photo of you and Le saux ?


The photo is away in the loft, Im pestering Roverite for the negative so i can have it blown larger.

Time to rememeber the fun of that day.

Here's hoping for some happy times at Ewood - sooner rather than later.

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Great and sombre story.

I have had a really bad week,including a family tragedy.

But we will all rise again. Believe me Rovers have been much lower than this before.

In 2 to 3 years time this will just seem like a nightmarish interlude.

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