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[Archived] New laptop

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I'm going to get a new laptop, this one I'll probably use for work as well as home stuff. It will be used for Sage, web design software, office applications such as MS Office and Open Office, some photo work (mainly with paint.net) and a couple of small bits software I use for my business. Personal use will be browsing and music storage really. Not into games except the very occasion 30 mins of FM12 - certainly not into the likes of Call of War and Skyduty or whatever they are called.

Budget not great really, £400 probably sensible. Totally out of touch with specs of processors etc, so need some guidance. Seen this at Currys:

http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/hp-g6-1336sa-15-6-laptop-charcoal-12303695-pdt.html - Seems to tick a lot of boxes just not sure about the AMD Quad-core chipset?

Just had a look on eBay and something like this also seems to fit the bill:


How does the AMD A6 Quad-Core compare to the i5 or even the i3?

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