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This depends on two factors: Manager



A decent manager should be able to sort out that remainder of the squad and with 1 or 2 additions we could achieve mid table, say 60 points ish.

Kean we are screwed 37 points but plenty of positives.


With Venkys trying to sell everything thats not nailed down we will not be able to add to the squad so we will be in big trouble, add to that if the bald monkey is still manager we could end up with a record low points total.

Decent owners and who knows.

In summary Venkys and kean need to F%*K off if we are to have a chance.

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Kean & Venky's stay = less than 50 points and consecutive relegations. Potentially another 10 points knocked off for the administration that will come sooner or later.

Venky's stay but Kean goes to be replaced by a real manager = minimum of Championship survival, potentially mid table/top half depending on transfer business.

Venky's sell up soon = potentially play-offs if bought by somebody with some sense who appoints a real manager.

Promotion = impossible when compared to the likes of Cardiff, Leicester, Wolves, Leeds and Birmingham.

My money is on us going the same way as Portsmouth, Charlton and Sheffield United and being in League One by this time in 2014.

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At the moment our squad is exactly the same as it was when we got relegated - so irrespective of our manager - a daft statement.

Bet you won't say that in August.

I predict 105 Steve Kean points, actual points 45 and relegation

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If we do get out of the championship it'll be to the next league down, that's a certainty. With competent leadership at all levels of the club we're probably mid-table to play-off material. With this lot in charge we stand a good chance of going down again, we'll definitely be bumping along with the bottom pack.

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Me too. I did very nicely (thank you Steve Kean) last season and made enough to pay for a Far East holiday. I'm aiming for a world tour next time on the back of another Kean-inspired relegation.

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