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Chris Thompson RIP


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Good foil for Simon Garner for a couple of seasons , not a great goalscorer but contributed to the team effort ...

From a day when the Rovers was run by people who cared....

Bobby Saxton , Bill Fox etc , etc what must they think about our present set up ?

Probably un printable !



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Just wanted to pay my respects to chris Thompson as well. That era was one of my favourite times as Rovers were a decent side although I missed a lot of games because I was a student in Newcastle. I can actually remember Chris' debut because his dad was sat behind me in the Nuttall stand. I thinkit was a night game. Thought he was quite ordinary to start with but he went on to become a really good honest player for Rovers with no little ability. A great foil for Garner, good control and his goal record was more than respectable as well. RIP Chris Thompson very sad news

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Part of my early years of following Rovers, a true wearer of the shirt imo probably should have scored more than he did but certainly partnered well with Garner.

probably reason he didn't get the admiration his workrate and gameplay should have done

RIP Chris will be remembered fondly and our thoughts go out to your family.

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i'm deeply saddened to read of chris' death. (and pauls wife as well of course). both chris and paul were the players i used to see in my early days as a rovers fan. in fact, i still believe the days prior to the money days hold the fondest memories for me.

RIP Chris, and Sue..

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