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[Archived] Modeste

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Or Shabani Nonda!

Has he gone yet? I really dont want to retain him for another season!

Atleast Nonda didnt make himself smaller when he went for a header. Not seen this trick since Ashley Ward. :angry2:

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Is that Kean, I thought he'd drink any old red! :)

That shot he had when he was clean through against Newcastle. Dear me. Showed all the composure of someone who had just been caught in bed with Mr T's wife. Should have just cut our losses then. The most infuriating thing is... Badwillie had actually just had his three best games for the club prior to that and he has hardly been seen since. Absolute madness.

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diawarra has to be the worst striker i have seen at rovers, followed by 'run around like a headless chicken' ward, who can forget martin dahlin, great striker in his day, a shadow of his former self when he was at rovers.

Chris Brown so called paid striker 31 years of age ?

Who's his agent do they both share the same one ?

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